LUSSO MOBILI using the basic materials Meranti Plywood best quality. Other supporting materials are imported directly from Europe and Asia, and bring the machinery from Italy, such Shading Machine, Press Machine, Cutting Machine, and Edging Machine.

Totality of LUSSO MOBILI in holding principles proven technology innovation with any such presented touch control system on food cupboard with remote control as a tool operation.
Leave Up System in the pantry also using remote control as a tool operation to make that cooking activity will be more fun. And there is also a cabinet door system sliding different than usual by pulling the cabinet door first, then shift the cabinet door, it makes the wardrobe to be seen more luxurious.

Advanced technology that makes innovative LUSSO MOBILI been one of The Best Furniture Company in Indonesia. The innovative of advanced technology makes LUSSO MOBILI become one of the best furniture and interior company in Indonesia.